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12 more reasons to exercise! Yay!

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Your value!

The World values us at the value we set for ourselves. Pity yourself and the world will ridicule you for being weak. Be angry and you will only be treated coldly. Close yourself up and no one will try to … Continue reading

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Sleepless ??

Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep night after another? Are there times when you are so tired that you feel you can doze off as soon as you hit the bed but it doesn’t happen and you lie … Continue reading

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Yummy Mushroom & Parsley soup

This super delicious and nourishing soup is a meal in itself. Have it on a chilly night or on a rainy evening, or serve it at a family dinner table! Serves 2. Preparation time – 25minutes. You need: 9-10 chopped … Continue reading

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“What hurts you now, will be gone soon”

This I just wrote for fun as a little group exercise by The Daily Post. Rule: Today, write about any topic you feel like — but you must reuse your opening line (at least) two more times in the course … Continue reading

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Easy Decorative DIYs to Glorify your home!!

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Here’s a list of totally Awesome workouts: 1) TAKE A LONG WALK: Don’t plan too much. Just wear your walking shoes and walk out. Set 20 mins on your alarm and walk in any direction till it buzzes. Then turn … Continue reading

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Stay Inspired! Stay Alive!!

Personal space, marriage, kids, friends, family, work, home, pipeline projects, day dreaming etc., a woman’s life is very demanding! In my quest to find a proper balance between many different roles, I used to get frequently deflated of energy. So, … Continue reading

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It’s All about Honey, honey!

Let me correct, it’s all about RAW Honey, honey! You may have heard & read about how amazing this nectar is! But, not many people care that most OTC honey are processed. While there is some goodness to  processed honey … Continue reading

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Lets face it! Whether we enjoy it or not, we can’t avoid the Sun! While it is always recommended to walk out with a sun block lotion, many of us still get back home tanned or well, sun-burned. Sometimes, your … Continue reading

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