Exactly 6 months back from here, I weighed 163 lbs at 5’5″ height. I couldn’t even hide under the excuse of “I’ve just had a baby” because my kid was born back in march 2012. And after the birth I weighed 156 lbs. So that was 7pounds up and definitely not baby weight!

My face had gone chubby, I had a prominent double-chin… My skin which was always a plus thing for me, became dull and broke out easily. I hated what I saw in the mirror – a disfigured body, flab protruding in portions. I looked like a pile of doughnuts under a t-shirt. So I stopped wearing t-shirts. Only loose tunic for me! Still, nothing looked good on me. I knew it, I could see it. I fell out of love with myself… And gradually I could see people falling out of love with me.

I am not going to tell you that I tried a diet and stuck to it and viola! To be honest, I tried about 8-9diets. Tried not to eat at all… Worked out like a hamster then never went to gym again. I was trying & failing over and over. And I would just cry looking at myself before every occasion I had to dress up for. I knew people will tell me, how fat I have become and I hated to hear that.

My weight was more on my heart & mind than on my body. I felt less. Less attractive, less satisfied, less powerful. And that is a dangerous state to be because you are at the verge of accepting yourself as a failure. You are almost there to lose your self-respect.

I tried that “love yourself for who you are inside” therapy, I can tell you it’s a LIE! When you know you can do better, live better after changing you just cannot love yourself for just your “inside”.

Harsh reality it is, but outside DOES effect inside. And you know what I am talking about. Don’t you?

Then about 3 months back, while I was browsing music I saw a song by Bryan Adams – Inside out. And suddenly I could read beyond those two words.

I am still not at my most perfect self but I weigh 143 lbs now and still working towards my goal of 130 lbs. But hey! 20 pounds off in 3months, I couldn’t ask for more! As I have a moderate lifestyle, I eat pretty much everything I want & I cannot bring myself to burn off with rigorous exercising. Best part? I love looking at myself in mirrors again!

So you see, I am doing a wonderful job! (Patting myself on the back).

Now, just realise & plan in simple steps. The Inside out method.

1) ACCEPT YOUR BRUTAL TRUTH: Accept it that you look awful! If you were in better shape in past, look at your old pictures. If you envy someone for a great body, look at their pictures. Cry about it if you want, feel miserable about your body, cry your heart out…and when you are done crying, do something about it.

Look at your mistakes. Don’t you make excuses or reason what you did. You alone choose to abandon yourself. You alone made bad choices. You alone gave up on a healthy life.

You need to do this, however stupid it sounds. Take a pen and small notepad and write when & why you ate + drank for next 3 days along with the time on your watch. Even if it is a small bite from a cookie or a sip from cola. Then, check if the reasons make sense… Does it tell you anything about your strength??

Remember that secret embarrassment.

Don’t expect overnight miracles here! If you wish to lose weight in a healthy way, set a legitimate goal. It took you years to do that damage, give your body some months to heal!

Remember how you gradually work your way to finish important projects?
Spread your goal across (at least) 3-6months. My goal of losing 35pounds spans across 6months.
Don’t hesitate to give your self upto an year if you have a huge bulk to get rid of.

Tell yourself in advance, you are going to enjoy the journey of this new road before you celebrate the goal. Think about going to the picnic. The journey from home, the picnic and the way back home- everything about picnic is fun! Even running around till you run out of breath!

Take some exclusive time to think about, feel and calculate what you have been postponing for so long – A healthier you!

I will get back to you with some wonderful and absolutely doable things to claim your glory!!



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  1. shouldertolean says:

    Such an amazing way in which you’ve detailed categorically the steps an individual can take to lose weight. Experiences like these will motivate people to lose weight and makes them realise its not impossible.


    • akank5ha says:

      Thank you!
      I am glad you found it effective. I am just hoping to help people find a way out of this miserable condition. And in turn, motivate myself more to become my better version! 🙂


      • shouldertolean says:

        ShoulderToLean is all about sharing experiences with others. Your blog post has been of immense help to us. Feel free to send us your experiences whenever you wish to. Thank you so much!


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