Ingredients of Good Health

Often, we are so intrigued in living up to the worldly image, we often forget that life is first about you than anything else! For various reasons we compromise on our health – physical, mental & emotional. But haven’t we been taught since childhood that charity begins at home?ย  It’s time you build up your life on a strong foundation!

Take my super-simple, tiny chart and check on it everyday to see, if you have done good for yourself today!


WATER: We hear a lot these days about drinking 8 glasses of water. But then, everyone’s body, nature of work, environment is different! Good news is now you can calculate your ideal amount of water. Check out this personal Hydration Calculator!

CLEAN FOOD: This is simple! Loads of fresh food like veggies, fruits & fresh juices! Less of processed, fried and starchy food! Choose white meat over red! Frozen yogurt over Ice-creams! Coconut water over aerated drinks! And this is the best one – Wine over beer!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

EXERCISE: I don’t like the sound of the word ‘Exercise’ because it makes it sound so difficult already! ๐Ÿ˜€ Jokes apart, you can workout anywhere! Stand more, sit less. Climb stairs, skip elevator. Frisk walk more than lazy walk. These time to time simple things along with 30-60 minutes of proper work-out every day. You will feel amazing!

QUIET TIME : This is the most underestimated tool! We have gotten so used to of noises that quietness makes us uneasy. Nonetheless, a quiet time with yourself will make you increasingly calm after the initial 10min hitch. Take time to breathe properly, notice your environment and drain out the toxicity of your taxing, busy day. Meditate if you can. Or even better, dream about wonderful things with your eyes open! These 30 minutes are the time best spent in all day. It will help you think clean. Do it early morning, or before bed time.

HAPPINESS: Do something each day to make yourself happy! Discover a new place, new cuisine or develop a new connection! Meet old friends. Surprise your loved ones (Giving feels better than taking!). Shop! Watch a movie! Enjoy a Lazy time! Go Dancing! The possibilities are endless!!

SLEEP: Toss that Phone and Laptop 4-5 feet away from your reach! Switch off TV half an hour before bedtime. Brush your teeth, Comb your hair, Wash your face, hands and feet!
Make sure you sleep in a dark room. Any light will disrupt your total rest. Take 8 hours of sleep everyday and wake up next day, all ready to shine! ๐Ÿ™‚





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