Lets face it! Whether we enjoy it or not, we can’t avoid the Sun! While it is always recommended to walk out with a sun block lotion, many of us still get back home tanned or well, sun-burned. Sometimes, your skin even hurts.
Follow the procedure below and get a relief. Its easy, natural and costs almost nothing! The sooner you do it once you get home, the better.

1) Grind a medium potato, a piece of cucumber (as big as the potato) together into juice.

2) filter out the pulp & keep aside. Squeeze 1tsp of lemon juice into the distilled juice of potato & cucumber. Apply this runny liquid all over the body parts exposed. Leave this on for 20mins.

3) When ready to clean, wet a loofah and scrub very gently in circular motion. Wash with normal temperature water.

You’ll find that not only a lot of this tan is gone, but your skin feels supple & soothed.

PS: You can use the Potato & cucumber pulp as eye pads while you are drying your anti-tan mixture. It’ll relax your eyes and helps lightening dark circles too!

Warning: If you have an extreme case of sun burn, don’t try home remedies as they are only recommended for normal cases & visit a dermatologist asap.

Have a happy SUN day!


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