What fails us?


You have always wanted to do something, and you know it will make you happy. You have often thought of daring to do it. One fine day, you even start working towards it. But then, suddenly you stop in the middle. You suddenly start seeing the flaws or the impossibilities. Or much worse, you probably still want it as much but you DECIDE to give up. You’re disappointed but you accept that failure and a dream remains a dream.

It could be anything I am talking about here – a job, a fun activity, a relationship, a positive self-image, a better health, a plan to earn more money or a great passion. Anything.

What’s sad is that more than the outside forces, it’s our own self that prevents us from getting what we so lovingly desire! Many of us go through this failure several times in life. I have. And let me tell you, I only have regrets because in most situations, second chances are rare. And all those chances I did take, I am only proud of them. Even if they didn’t workout later.

I was reading a great book today which said, we are unlimited beings and it is our limitlessness that, very often, scares us. We are afraid of what will happen when we achieve even before we have done much about it. This fear is born out of core negatives – personal and cultural.

Personal negatives: Some of the personal negatives we generally feel are:
1) I am not good enough.
2) I can not do/finish it.
3) If I can pull it off, it’ll be pure chance and not because I am worthy.
4) I will lose myself in the process.
5) I will lose my loved ones in the process
6) I don’t know what will happen to
7) I will never be able to maintain it.
8) I will have to start over & with my current life, I am both comfortable and used to.
9) What if it is not as good as it appears now. Better a beautiful dream than a wake up call!

Cultural negatives: We are brought up being taught that if we listen to our hearts, if we follow our dreams against masses, we will have consequences (horrible ones) to bear.

We are told that we will suffer greatly if we walk in a new direction, take risks. We are made to believe that joy is temporary and suffering is constant. And well, our environment shapes our minds accordingly. Sure it could be difficult carving a new path, developing a new idea but there is also the joy of working to make something possible.

Isn’t losing yourself, letting go of your inner voice a bigger suffering?

Aren’t these all your own mind’s complications too? But, the answer to all these dilemmas is extremely simple – think less, feel more and do even more. What fails us are assumptions and only doing is the way to stop these from cobwebbing our minds. To overcome a fear, we must make our faith bigger and the fear will shrink. Keep reminding yourself what made you want it and appreciate yourself for how far you have come.

A wise woman once said to me, “Everything that you really want & work for, you deserve. Getting up on a mountain peak is a tiresome job, but the view from top is quite unlike anything and it makes all the trouble seem worth it.” As you progress, you will discover something new about you. Many things will change – some people may fall apart and you will make some new connections too, but everything that comes and goes is meant to be that way when you are moving swiftly in the right direction and in the end, you will realise, it all happened for good.

We all have the power to claim what we wish to achieve, only if we act and keep faith. And then there will be vacancy for more things on the list! May you and I, get all we deserve! 🙂


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