True Love ❤️

The curtains are drawn away

Sun falls into his eyes,

But he decides to sleep some more.

Amnesia makes days hard to come by.

After a while, the persistent sunlight wins 

And forces him to wake up.

On table wait his seeing glasses,

Some hot tea in a cup.  

Each morning he takes time

To recognise his own room

It was rebuilt a few months back

But his memories suffer a doom.

He works his body awkwardly

To follow up with his brain

Keeps his wrinkled feet on the ground

And extends a shaky hand.

He puts his seeing glasses on,

Takes a loud sip of the ginger tea.

He likes it just the way it is

That, he remembers involuntarily.

Although he can’t recall how old he has turned

Or what day today is.

Tears begin to build in his eyes for

His memory plays in parts and pieces. 

Then someone talks to him from behind

A voice of an old woman.

He turns back and smiles with relief,

This one, he does remember!


About akinomics

Thinking out loud here.
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