Hummingbird  ❤️

I’ve learned most things in my life by observing others. There’s no one teacher, person or institution that I can owe up to, everyone I have observed has been a teacher. 

As a child I always loved to draw. And it was God’s greatest gift to me that he made me audacious. I’m the fool people talk about when you hear the saying “The fool didn’t know it was impossible…” I just adventurously go ahead and try things and apply my good sense to things, before over-thinking lays eggs of fear in my nest. I’m definitely not the best but I do honor myself for being good. 😀

Talking about fears, one of my greatest creative fear is painting with water colours! It’s been there for the longest time and only today did I confront it. At almost 30 years of age. Can you believe it? 
So here’s the one I painted this morning. Some harsh and some lost strokes. But I think it’s a decent job for an attempt. 😀


Time taken : 35mins.


It’ll help to have some comments! Thank you! 🙂 


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2 Responses to Hummingbird  ❤️

  1. Zach says:

    Way to embrace a fear 🙂


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