Taro leaf cutlets 

This one is for people who are fond of mustard’s flavour. And for people who love to try new textures and cultures when it comes to food!

It is an absolute cracker of an Indian snack. Indian cuisine is known for its wide range of palette and flavours. These cutlets are very healthy (check the ingredients!) and the taste will burst in your mouth like a phenomena. 
For those who aren’t familiar, taro leaves when boiled are pretty high in nutrition. They are 58% good carbs, 14% fat and 28% protein. 


Now the recipe,
Serves 4-5 people

5-6 taro leaves (washed and wiped dry)

2 cups chickpea flour

1/4 tsp turmeric powder

1/4 tsp chilli powder 

1/2 tsp carom seeds

A pinch of asafoetida (can do without it too)

Salt to taste

2tbsp mustard oil 

Water for paste and steaming.

  • Add turmeric, chilli powder, salt, carom seeds and asafoetida to chickpea flour in a mixing bowl. Add enough water to form a thick, smooth paste. 
  • Boil some water in a steamer. 
  • Spread the taro leaves and apply this paste on them all over. 
  • Now carefully begin to roll the leaves from one end to another. Cover the outer part with the paste too. 
  • Place these rolls on the steaming rack. 
  • If you don’t have a steamer, take a deep cooking vessel with a lid put about 1-2 inches of water in the base. Put a wide sieve/strainer in it. Place the rolls on the sieve/strainer. Place the lid, slightly off so there’s an opening for excess steam to escape. 
  • Cook in steam until the chickpea flour has thickened and cooked. 
  • Remove. Cut the rolls in 2″ cutlets once slightly cooled. 
  • Now take a shallow pan and heat the mustard oil. Bring in the cutlets and toss quickly to cover them with the mustard flavour. 

There you go! 

Have it plain or with a coriander chutney or a coconut chutney or tomato ketchup! It’s super delicious and super nutritious! 

PS: If you want me to post any indian cuisine recipe, you just need to leave a comment and I’ll post the easiest recipe possible with the maximum taste! 


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