Being Unabashed

About one and a half years back, I used to be someone who was hesitant to love herself or be openly proud of who she was or whatever good she did. We have a cultural hang-up, which is called “being too humble”. It’s good to be humble but if it goes so deeply in you that you don’t discuss what brilliant things you do or have done – I’m not sure. So everything people ever saw of me was mischief. God designed me like a horse with a twisted limb and that’s my super power. I put in all my might to walk like all other horses. Everyone is different. And we realise our power when we let ourselves acknowledge what we can do. When we just keep all social obligations at one side and decide to shine. Why are we ashamed to accept the good we do anyway? 

I’m more open about my goodness because the world needs to see. It’s ok to not be too humble. But it’s not ok to be arrogant. There’s a wide line of difference. 

If you show people what you are capable of, if you show people your struggles, people do get inspired and even better, people ask for help. I love myself even when I’m working at my flaws. I have been asked for help more than ever and the universe sends help through me. Imagine if all of us could be openly unabashed of our goodness, how much will we heal the world?


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