R.I.P my friend

Life is so unpredictable. One day you are talking to a loved one and the next you hear they are not around anymore. And you are at a loss of words, reactions at the overwhelming information…Like an ocean knocked at your door, slapped and gulped you without warning. You wish you hadn’t answered the door but now you are suspended without any control over  things.

Suddenly life retorts into a bubble of a growing numbness. You can hear the car horns honking outside, you can hear even the most brushed noises as if your senses have expanded and yet you can recognise everything only through a mist. Nothing reaches your core but numbness and occasional pangs of realisations of the truth – someone dear is lost forever. And you get this deep urge to hug them that very instant and watch them laugh with life dancing in their eyes. The warmth of someone alive. And slowly the fabric of your memories starts coming out loose..you give in to that urge of tugging on it, undoing it row by row, messing the threads into a tangle and knowing that it won’t ever be knit together the same way again. So many people break and lose some pieces of them with someone’s life.

Everyone is a puzzle after all, made of many people’s memories. And the departed hold these parts of every soul that mourns for them and takes them away into their new dimension. Or may be not. May be this is the end. This is the wall of infinity where everything rests, and nothing goes past it.
Although, I’d like to believe souls pass through it and merge into the universe beyond our comprehension and sight. And when I imagine it, I see you glowing like a brilliant star against the pitch black, a bit too brighter than all others. You will never be a friend I lost, but always a friend I found. 


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