Nature and Renewal

Early this month, on a painting trip, I sat at the Ghats of River ganga for hours, soaking my feet in the cold running water, listening to the sound of water gushing so sublimely and intently. It made me feel like my heart touched its ground in my chest. Such peace washed over me just looking at it, feeling it. I went an emotional riot and came back with faith (not religious one but the universal one we all carry) and energy to keep trying. I think that is the purest power of nature. Turn to it and your worries leave you.  (:

Painted these after returning:

  1. A Heart that Travels

A heart that travels

2. Ganga


3. AdiShakti Shiva-Parvati



















PS: I am not a religious person, a spiritual one though and immensely in love with my country and its folk lores. Our Gods & Goddesses are such amazing characters and their stories intrigue me a lot! I grew up in a simple hindu household so it’s a part of my childhood and I was bound to nurture this fascination.






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