Detachment and Love?

Oh this divine drama of detachment that prevents people from loving wholly so they avoid being hurt. 

How can one love in bits & pieces? What is this cautious love? A love so feared is no love at all. It hurts the one who is loved and dries up the one who loves. All in the name of divinity. 
I say, there is nothing more divine than love without cautions & calculations. There is no other God than the very essence that brings meaning to this universe. Love is love, whether to a person or a passion…whether to your child, or your friend or a stranger…whether lifelong or shared for sometime, but given it consumes everything that burns through your skin & soul. 
Don’t paint if you don’t like being covered in dabs of paint. Don’t write if you don’t enjoy being drained. Don’t walk around with a broom if you don’t mean to sweep. Don’t make a promise you don’t intend to keep. 
What good is a bread half-baked or anything half-made? What good is anticipation of hurt to any relationship? Don’t give me that shit of detachments in loving. At Least in the name of God. Like a liar who doesn’t owe a responsibility towards anyone or anything. No wonder this world is falling apart.


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