Games people play!

Let me put it in one sentence – Our ways are so fucked up!

We embrace those who pity themselves and try to empower them. AND we try to incapacitate those who come across too sure or powerful. The strong one is rarely ever genuine or deserving enough. The fallen one deserves more. The one who keeps open communications is perceived a liar, but the one who is quiet (and could be plotting) is trustworthy. We do not want to invest on someone who tells us right out that they are worthy, We’ll rather tag them as Over-confident. But, we’ll think about sparing something on someone who is unsure somewhere because he/she seems “realistic”. We call people who have done it or has it “Pompous” and shame them among gossipers for being vocal while we give an open permission to people to cry over self and admit their failures at length. Somehow that’s acceptable. Somehow that’s humble.

Our point of view about power, empathy, creativity and investment is based on out and out pessimism. We want people to have something but not more than us. Even when they are working for it and we are not.

Let me tell you one thing, TRUST those who ask for your trust. EMPOWER those who built themselves up without asking for input. INVEST in people who tell you that they can pull it off. And have your cultural conditioning of pessimism take a backseat. Be prepared to be amazed by the magic of the believers.


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