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Obituary (Fiction essay)

“We are deeply saddened to inform, our beloved mother Sumedha passed away peacefully in sleep last night.” 42 years of a friendship had come to an abrupt end. Just like that. Another piece of me fallen and turned to ashes. … Continue reading

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Positive or Negative?Identifying Influence

A person with negative mindset feels jealous, even threatened, of someone competent or better, where a person with positive mindset will feel inspired & bonhomie.  The Negative’s idea of success includes bringing others down to look taller/better, while the Positive … Continue reading

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Lifting Obligations

How often do we settle for other people’s comfort at the cost of our well-being? It is more common than most people will openly admit. We feel that a person meeting social/family obligation is the model of a good person. … Continue reading

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