Beautiful Mess

Beautiful mess

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Detachment and Love?

Oh this divine drama of detachment that prevents people from loving wholly so they avoid being hurt. 

How can one love in bits & pieces? What is this cautious love? A love so feared is no love at all. It hurts the one who is loved and dries up the one who loves. All in the name of divinity. 
I say, there is nothing more divine than love without cautions & calculations. There is no other God than the very essence that brings meaning to this universe. Love is love, whether to a person or a passion…whether to your child, or your friend or a stranger…whether lifelong or shared for sometime, but given it consumes everything that burns through your skin & soul. 
Don’t paint if you don’t like being covered in dabs of paint. Don’t write if you don’t enjoy being drained. Don’t walk around with a broom if you don’t mean to sweep. Don’t make a promise you don’t intend to keep. 
What good is a bread half-baked or anything half-made? What good is anticipation of hurt to any relationship? Don’t give me that shit of detachments in loving. At Least in the name of God. Like a liar who doesn’t owe a responsibility towards anyone or anything. No wonder this world is falling apart.

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A brainless race called Humans 

Everyone I meet today is stressed and angry. Always desperate. Unable to meet the standards that society considers elitist. We all are dying to be tagged elite. Literally. But somehow, we never seem to reach there. It’s like, you hike all the way up but the rainbow shifts to the other mountain. The Optical illusion of success, happiness, satisfaction is never met, but we are still blindly chasing. Stillness in an overwhelming world makes us dizzy like a vestibular motion taking place in infinity.  
We aren’t stopping to see or believe that we are being played at everything. From education to food. From housing to healthcare. From jobs to clothes. From political justice to our fundamental right to a clean good environment. Look at everything in our lives!
All that nature gave us for free, are becoming luxuries! Be it water, air, land or the ability to love. All that we don’t need – jewellery, luxurious clothing, expensive addictions, money in itself – is becoming our basic! 
The minority who does not want all this is also forced into wanting it. As if zombies, we are hunting down those who haven’t forgotten to live simply and thoughtfully. The way we treat, feel about others (the withdrawns, villagers, small town people, animals, tribals etc.) who do not share or follow our idea of hollow luxury goes on to prove it. Our model of progress means taking away their’s and government & world organisations are applying. As a race, our empathic connection is lost. Their suffering is not our suffering. No one’s suffering is our suffering. We are so brainless that we even ignore our suffering which is inevitable with such epic proportions of ignorance.
At what point did we become so twisted? We are turning but into industrial products…the kind of literates, industrialists sculpted so their motives of endless greed and power keeps rolling. But are we educated?? Do we have the wisdom to distinguish sane from insane? 

I doubt most of us are. The truth is – We are a crippled race.

We are an adulterated race.

We are a frustrated suicidal race, that will kill and uproot everything beautiful before it shoots itself maroon and red.
And all that has a cause – Our growing distance from our roots. By roots I do not mean culture or religion but our foremost need to hold some soil in our fists everyday. Earth is our mother and her pain, her joy is ours. This is no flowery poetry. We are designed to flourish & suffer with our planet. In the course of the idea of development we have somehow started to define ourselves as the things we own, our education and our job positions. Don’t you think that we need to rethink of our opinions about success, purpose, development and literacy?

Perhaps, it is needed that we be angry. But we need to be angry for the right reasons.

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Geek Humour for Today!

This gallery contains 10 photos.

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Oh Humor! You make my day go ’round!

Here’s a dose of some really awesome digs to make you laugh!

Good Evening!

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Little StoryMan!

I am thrilled to announce that my 4 year old boy tells stories too! So I decided to publish them on wordpress.
The blog address is :

Please have a read. Leave a comment. Or just indulge in the joy!


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Two Teams?

How everything in our demanding, super-fast lifestyles makes us believe that Nature and Humans are two different sides of this World. That life belongs in a bubble and nature is a mere holiday. That we are not meant to live but to survive on this planet because someone said that the fittest ones should/would/must. And we are hysterical to prove we are those. Everyone’s running…stopping or going slow makes one anxious. We are angry, desperate, depressed, lost and grinding ourselves for superficial standards. 
Yet, how just a long walk among trees, can lift us up from that trash. 
And we still believe, we are two different teams. 

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A Seasoned Wanderer <3

A Seasoned Wanderer.
Can use more time but I’m running short of it right now!
Time taken 90 min (Approx.)


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The Magnificents

The best thing about keeping your mind open to imagination and living creatively would be that even  the dreams become more magical!

Dreamt about oceans last night, woke up to illustrate a rough in 30-45min painting.

underwater copy

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Brushing up digital skills

Title : Drowning



Title: The Mountain Man


©Akanksha SJ 2016

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